SERVO vs MOT min/max/trim params

All these SERVOx parameters seem to duplicate some of the MOT paramters when the output is used as a motor.

SERVOx_FUNCTION= 33-40 is setting them to the motor outputs 1-8. Each one also has a SERVOx_MIN, SERVOx_MAX, and SERVOx_TRIM parameter. All expressed as PWM values. As documented, this would set the minimum and maximum PWM values for each motor output. The default min/max for all of them seems to be 1100/1900.

MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX seem to conflict or duplicate these in the case of motor outputs.

Does AC ignore the SERVOx min/max/trim when set as a motor output and defer to the MOT min/max? Or some other logic?

SERVOX_FUNCTION is used to change the motor output from usual port to another one. For example, The Cube had a (fixable) problem with PWM output port 1 and every user could just use SERVOX_FUNCTION to change that output to another port.

SERVOX_MAX, MIN and TRIM aren’t used in the case of motor output, MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX are the ones to be used.

Excellent, thank you.