Servo vibrating/jittering severely


I am a new user to pixhawk and I am having trouble with the connection of pixhawk to X8R reciever. I am also using a TARANIS X9D controller for parring.

My connection go like this:

From X8R (Sbus output) -> Pixhawk (RC IN) -> Servo 1-3 (Main out 1-3)
and I also connected a UBEC 5V to Main output port 8 to supply power to the servo rail of the Pixhawk.

When I arm the Pixhawk, the Servo just keeps vibrating without any inputs from my transmitter. I also tapped Main output Channel 1 (throttle) of the Pixhawk and I realised that I am receiving mixed input from Channel 1(Throttle) and 3 (Aileron) of the receiver. Is there something that is wrong with the sbus connection to the pixhawk? Please help me :frowning: I’m very lost in this.

Thank you!!!


Did you cure this yet??

try to feed the rx another 5v source and check the result. it is worked for me