Servo setup

I am trying to use a head tracker pan/tilt with my pixhawk and cannot get the servos to function. I have the head tracker working properly on channels 7 and 8 as viewed in the RC calibration page in Mission Planner. I am powering the servo output rail with a 5v BEC. The servos are plugged in to output 1 (RC9) and output 2 (RC10). My question is what do I do in mission planner to translate inputs on channels 7 and 8 to servo outputs on RC9 and RC10? Thanks

I figured it out. I activated the gimbal function on mission planner and unchecked the auto stabilize functions.

Hi there,

I am new to the pixhawk, and am trying to hook up the same setup you haveā€¦ I have a pixhawk, with two anolog servos, and my head tracking headset. How do I get power to the aux output rail? (or how do I get the necessary power to the servos?)

Any information would be great!