Servo Rail Pins configuration

So this might be very basic, yet I could not think of an answer. What are the 16 “Servo” pins on Pixhawk (I am using Cube orange with the standard carrier board)?

What I believe is that the Servo pins are as follows:
Servo 1 = Motor 1 output
And similarly Servo 2 to 8 = Motor 2 to 8 output
Servo 9 = Aux 1
And similarly Servo 10 to 14 = Aux 2 to 6
Can anyone confirm this?

To add to this, what are Servo 15 and 16 then?

There are no servo 15 nor 16 on the cube.

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Thanks for the lightning quick response @amilcarlucas.

Alright. That makes sense. I was confused when I saw the parameters SERVO15_FUNCTION and SERVO16_FUNCTION in the documentation.