Servo Outputs are not equal

I am using a large hexa copter build with a weight of 32kg, propeller size of 34 inches, and hobby wing x9 motors. But when I try to arm it, the motors are not rotating, but the mission planner shows it is armed. When I try to give it throttle, the Servo output of one of the motors always comes back to 1150 independent of the throttle, and it’s not a fixed motor with which it’s happening; if we reboot it and then do it again, the motor with the issue might change in the servo output section (in mission planner). I was not giving it any attitude commands, just a vertical throttle without any propeller, in this case I am assuming every motors servo output must be same but its not (and I have caliberated the system many times).

Please help me with this issue?

What flight controller hardware are you using?

We use X6 and X8, they have built in analog ESC, they need ESC calibrate and set the motor min and max PWM.
Have you use the mission planner to conduct a individual motor test with no propeller?

Maybe you like to share how you do the ESC calibration.

I am using Pixhawk Cube Plus flight controller.

Yes i have tested the individual motor test.

For ESC calibration I have just followed the step that were in the mission planner,

Is there a different software that is used to set min and max for each motor? In mission planner, I have just seen two parameters to set the throttle limit (mot_spin_max and mot_spin_min).

Do you mean CubeOrange plus? Which motor ports from Cube do you use to connect to X9 motors? Got picture.

Is for all motors + ESCs, they are suppose to be identical. Mot_pwm_min and max. The X9 manual should have mention the values.

If you have done the ESC calibration properly, under the motor test, at the same lowest throttle %, all motors should spin at that lowest %, if not, then your ESC calibration is not done properly. X9 manual should have contain the calibration steps too.
Motor test is for a few purposes, check motor number order towards frame class and type selected, rotation direction, spin min and arming values for all motors, prerequisite is the analog ESCs are properly calibrated.

Yes, pixhawk cubeorange plus. I have used main out pins (1-6).

Yes, I have calibrated the ESCs many times (along with the motor test and the min and max pwm as 1050 and 1950, respectively), but I am still facing the same issue.

But today, I am facing a new issue: the motors rotate while arming, but when I give them throttle, it gives out the sound of esc calibration and stops moving.