Servo output has no reflect to throttle movements while vehicle is Armed

hello dear all

I want to share an issue I have recently encountered with.
I arm the autopilot, my mode is on manual, and I move the steering and throttle stick

steering capsule changes in servo tab but there is no change in throttle capsule

also my main output channel 1 (which is supposed to be connected to the ground_steering ) has no real output I think since it doesnt move any connected servo to it.

any help on this would be appreciated

1 01-01-1980 03-30-00 ق.ظ.bin (576.8 KB)

Hello dear randy

any idea?

Hi @mfzavareh,

Maybe the vehicle hasn’t been armed?

By the way, it looks like you’re using Rover-4.0.0 so I’ve moved this discussion to the Rover-4.0. category. I’ll be better able to help if you use Rover-4.1 although this is still only in beta.

The RC3 input seems to be at minimum which would normally cause the vehicle to move backwards. Maybe check if you’ve done the RC calibration correctly.

thanks dear

I will follow your order and try to feedback here