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Servo output different to rc input in manual mode

Hello, I am new here. Coming from fpv racing, I am used to program this kind of software, but servos are new for me.

I am setting up a marblehead boat with pixhead 2.4.8 to do some automomous medium range crusing. I do not find the reason, why the servo output for main sail ch3 differs from the rc input in manual mode.

Thanks in advance.

Its not a direct PWM pass-through, its remapped from the min max and trim values of the RC3_ input to the min max and trim values of the SERVO3_ output. You will also need to be armed.

Thanks for fast reply. But i think to understand it better. The behaviour when boat is armed is the same. I was Sailing yesterday. In Addition, when throttle is more than 50% the rudder flip to reversed.
Any idea?

It thinks your trying to go backwards, set RC3 trim to min, you might also need to reverse your throttle input.

Ah, okay, this makes sense. So in the end, the main sail expects only signal 0 to 100% and not -100% to 100% (only forward)?

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