Servo operation during automatic missions

The requirements are as in the title

I start the auto mission and I don’t touch the RC, of course I don’t control it with the GCS either.

I want to give a signal to the servo rail during auto mission


  1. take off
    ★) Items that operate servo rails
  2. Way points
  3. Way points
    ★) Items that operate servo rails
  4. Way points
  5. RTL

It’s like this

Are these actions possible?

to be more precise

When the Auto starts

I want to automatically operate the landing gear servo on my airplane to fold the landing gear.

It will do that anyway. Default action for the LGR_OPTIONS parameter is Retract/Deploy after/during Land. Just set the Retract/Deploy altitude.

I can’t believe it. It’s amazing that I can do what I want so easily.