Servo Menu Disappeared

I’m using MP 1.3.49. Last night we configured a fixed wing plane to have intermediate flap settings via a Servo Menu. When we came in this morning and restarted the FC (Pixhawk) and MP, the Servo Menu was gone and the flaps no longer would command to an intermediate position.

Anyone want to take a guess at (1) what happened to the Servo Menu, and (2) why the flaps only go from full up to full down with a very slight change (maybe a couple of degrees) in the intermediate setting?

We’ve set flaps to work from Ch5 (mapped to a three position switch on the radio) , and I can see on the calibration page that the values are getting set from 1100, 1500 and 1900.

Other than restarting, we did nothing else to the setup. Very confusing.

Anything else was missed or not? Maybe someone switched layout to basic (Sevo and some other tabs are not shown).

Did not notice anything else missing. We reset the Advanced selection, and even shut down the program and restarted. Still did not see the Servo Output page show up again on Mandatory Hardware.

Check if it is shown here
Press right button

And take a look