Servo jitter troubleshooting

I’m almost finished with the wiring on my next Arduboat build but my steering servo is getting noise from somewhere. The servo is on a Matek 405wing servo3. Also on the board is an RFD900x, M8N GPS/Mag, and 30amp brushless ESC. Hoping it’s an easy fix, wiring is separated from all other conductors. Anyone seen this before?

I tried a different servo and it didn’t jitter as bad so I ordered a digit one and hope it wont be affected by the system noise as much.

I don’t have a pic of it right now but all the components are tightly packed so I’m assuming it’ll be hard to avoid the noise. I dropped my power to 10 when. I first installed it.

On a side note, did your remote RFD900x radio ID change when you changed power with the webpage RFD GUI. I had to plug the ftdi cable into mine to change it back. Replicated the issue 3 times, thought I accidentally fat fingered the settings.