Servo jitter on arming

Hi guys,

I have an issue with an airplane controlled by a matek h743 wing v1.
When I arm the drone the servos (mainly the ailerons) start to strongly jitter. when i disarm they stop.
I use 2 GPS receivers in the drone. I isolated both, I changed the Siyi receiver with a skydroid one. I verified the connections on the fc board. It is a complete mystery why this is happening.

If anyone knows something about this issue please advice. Thanks.

have you got your plane set your plane to vtol? it sounds like the servo outputs are getting updated too fast.

can you post a log so we can check if its a flight controller or a hardware issue?

Hi @geofrancis , I am having a similar issue. I currently have a VTOL setup/bicopter. How to I get ahold of the log? I have been at a loss with this for a few weeks now. Would it be possible to have you take a look at the setup? Would I be able to upload params? or does it need to be a log? Here is the param file of the basic setup working. Board is a Matek F405 WSE,
jitter with servos.
feels like motors have minimal output (feels soft for what they should be able to do)
Throttle doesnt engage until stick is about 50%, did radio calibrations, nothing else change in mission planner.

looking for any glaring problems.

Thanks in advance, cheers
VTOL V1 Matek WSE V2.param (22.0 KB)

I have a similar problem with a quad tilt vtol. I get excessive servo jitter when arming in qstabilize and qhover. No jitter in manual. I haven’t been able to figure out why.