Servo function list in servo output is empty


a friend wants to configure a FC for ArduPlane. Unfortunately in Mission Planner / Servo Output the list of servo functions is empty.

What could be the reason for this?

Outdated missionPlanner

No, it is the current version.

This screen? Update to the latest Beta Version of Mission Planner from the Help scree.

Yes, this screen:

And when you update MP to latest Beta?

Has tried the colleague, then MP no longer ran and he has given up for today …

OK. It’s often the case a Beta update will fix these types of issues.

Yes, I know the saying, “If you have a error in MP do a beta update”. … :grin:

Maybe @ Michael_Oborne has an idea about this?

goto setup> advanced.
and click param gen
possibly restart mp

there was a code issue causing things to fail about 3-4 days ago

there is a issue if you are running rover atm as well. fixing it now

Thank you.

In the current case it is Plane. There is also a problem with my own installation:


The values for Servo Roll Pid / Servo Pitch Pid cannot be changed. The Full Parameter List does not contain the values either. A Param Gen does not help here.

Here it was an update from Plane latest 4.05 to latest 4.1.

I guess I can just reinstall, but it’s weird that default parameters are missing.

what version mission planner?

The current beta version.

new beta shortly. looks like 4.1 breaks MP

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