Servo connections for our fixed wing drone

My team and I are having some difficulty in determining a correct way to connect the servos to the pixhawk. FYI, we are using the UAV-3000 airframe as our drone:

As you can see, it has a ruddervator (also known as a V-tail) setup in the rear. What is the proper connection method for the various servos to the pixhawk? For our aileron, do we use one output from the pixhawk that goes into a y-cable? I.E. each aileron receives the same output signals from the pixhawk, but due to their mounting and orientation, they move in a mechanically correct motion.

Are there any resources that you can point me to? We have searched for a while and have not found clear cut answers on web pages or videos.

I suggest that you choose an appropriate configuration topic from this section of the ArduPlane Wiki and then respond with any further questions.