Servo config Problem


for my second FlyingWing i have build a Pan/Tilt Camera with Servos! If i move my Plane the Camera hold the position! Thats ok!

But my Servo for Pan make 180° and it needs about 500 to 3000 in the MissionPlannerConfig. But it alows only 800-2200 :frowning: so it only can use 60° (or equal, i dont have messured it).

Why that limited on Output? Are there a fix anywhere?

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No Ideas? :open_mouth:

It may be possible to make the required changes in the code and then compile APM yourself.
Another way would be to use a ‘servo-signal-strecher’.
I have some that I got from ServoCity.
This servo stretcher will output a signal range of 500 uSec to 2500 uSec. There are three trim pots on the device to set the Min, Center and Max.
There may be servo-stretchers sold by others that have a greater output range but I just speculating.
Programming an Arduino Tiny is another possible way.

BTW, What servo are you using. That is a huge signal range.


Servostretcher contains that problem that the singnal goas crappy (like a copy of a copy from a audio-tape).

How i have to modify the sourcecode?
Im not an arduino-programmer!

Well I did some testing.
The quick short answer is… I think that I got it to work on the PixHawk , but definitely not on the APM2.6.
…This was just a quick test on the work bench…
In Mission planner the gimbal setup page [initial setup] does not allow values outside the stated range to be entered, you can go to the full parameters list in the [config/tuning] page, which is where I made the changes.
In my test I used RC channel 5 , set the function for mount_roll and I typed in 500 for the RC5_MIN , which gave a warning that I ignored, and I entered 3000 for RC5_MAX ignoring the warning.
Then I clicked on the WRITE PARAMETERS button. [ top right corner of the screen]…no errors , yeah…
So now back in the gimbal setup page I found the min & max values for roll to be 500 & 3000. I selected the stabilize roll check-box and armed the Pixhawk red button.
With my servo tester connected to RC5 the pulse value went from 500 to 3000 when I move the Pixhawk from full left roll to full right roll.
I could not test the stabilize PAN output because I did not have a good GPS signal indoors.
I hope this is what you need

HI CCard,

I will test this hint and i write if i got it to work or not!

I have tested my Cam and it will stabilized it but i cant use the “Point Camera Here” from Mission Planner! My cam looks to only one point!
Why i cant use it?
PS: I have seen a “ROI”. If i try “DO_SET_ROI” i got “Command not supported”.

How i have to use MP for my Cam that it looks to that region of my interesst?

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