SERVO_AUTO_TRIM recommended for permanent use in a foam plane

SERVO_AUTO_TRIM sounds like a great improvement but from the few information I found it was not 100 % clear to me if it is expected to turn off after first use. As we all know, planes out of foam tend to be not so stable in its form therefore I thought it might be very convenient to use SERVO_AUTO_TRIM all the time. Is there any reason not to do so ?

All the best

Hi Olaf,

I use it all the time in my planes. Most recently, this little mini Skywalker.


Thanks Greg ! So I guess I am not completly on the wrong track to also use it permanently.
Nice little mini Skywalker :slight_smile: I guess there is not much room in it.

Am I correct that SERVO_AUTO_TRIM shows it´s changes here ?

Yes, while the controller trims automatically the planes the values in the TRIM column changes, but it is not 100% sure because the plane never flights straight, I have always a tendency to right or left.