Servo Amplification

hi one of my servo (connected to elevator) have very short moving range some reason. if there any way to “amplify” it so it turns to what i need? i already tried setting servo trims 800 to 2200 but that does not help.

any recommendations?

Have you tried moving the connecting rod on the elevator closer to the hinge to increase its range?

well mechanically i plaid around as much as i could. i wnat equal up and down positions . I could of course build in them middle lever but seams more eaiser if we can adjust signmal/pulse interpretation, caz righ now sero turns around 20 degrees at max where i would preffer around 150 degree so i have max motion of elevator. (other servos are bit better but not bets) i alredy ordereed replacemnet servos but given that i made many custom elecronics with servos i know i can do adjustments in code. just dont know if this something adrupilot can have build in or we need to add scriipt especially that its tied to elevator function … like i know there is pass through with amplification but then elevator is used in other logic so i dont want to assign pass trhough

I think Ardupilot only supports 900-2100, you might have a servo with a much larger range, i belive some can be as big a range as 500-2500.

well servos are listening to pulses… comptroller technically can send all we want as long as we have it in code. well i will see how new servos will behave they only $2.5 each so its cheapest option though i will be stuck waiting

Most RC servos have a travel of around 180° (+90°, -90°) with PWM values of 1000-2000us. You say that the elevator servo does only move 20° with the servo output set to 800-2200us.
In which flightmode are you testing this?
What elevator output values does Missionplanner show?

i replaced servo and i got way better results. i dont see 180 deree travel tough… angels are fine for elevator … for sake of debug mode is regular (how do i switch? i know radio can heve thermals but its not active) where do i see pulses that go to servos? or is there screen that shows assumed degrees for servo?

In mission planner go to the mandatory setup tab then select servo output to see what they are doing.

oh yes thats where i configure servos signal is correct there o what i remember (will check tomorrow just in case caz i have other old servos