Service bulletin errore on upgrading the firmware

I bought the pixhawak 2.8.4 which was work fine unless the last time I update the firmware to ArduCopter V4.0.0 through MP 1.3.7 and then it halts to working
I went through a similar thread and trying to follow their solution but no success
how can I fix it or roll back to previous stable firmware
this is part I bought

and this is outcome when I connect to the board

The error message in the HUD indicates firmware for Cube Black was loaded. Perhaps you answered Yes to the “is this a Cube Black” dialog box? As far as I know those Pixhacks are the same as a FMUV2 pixhawk.

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Yep. This is because you loaded the wrong Firmware. The CubeBlack firmware is only for the Hex manufactured CubeBlack.

I’m not sure what that hack is supposed to use, but I assume either FMUv2 or FMUv3.

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I would suggest you connect using QGroundcontrol and flash the Arducopter Flight Stack>Chibios>V4.0.0 Chances are good it will load the correct version of firmware.

its seems FMUv3 make it alive again(although I’ve received bad AHRS error), but is there any technical link to be sure about hardware configuration for Pixhack 2.8.4 part