Serial7 parameters unavailable in mission planner

I’m trying to configure frsky smartport telemetry on my matek f765, but there are no SERIAL7 parameters available in ardupilot through mission planner. While I could move the receiver from the default UART6 to another UART, I can’t find any information on how to change UARTs for sbus.

In the docs, BRD_ALT_CONFIG = 1 is said to enable RX on the UART for serial 7, but this parameter is also unavailable.

Would love to hear whether anyone has had success in either re-specifying the default receiver pin, or finding the parameters with serial 7, with arduplane in general.

As far as i understand this is hardcoded to the UART 7 (Physical UART6) for the Matek F765. But this is only your RC input, You should configure your smartport telemetry in any other UART.

I have it configured on the UART4 for proximity reasons.

Thanks! followed your solution and s.port telemetry is working. Moving the wire from one connector to another was just annoying, haha.

Still seems odd how SERIAL7 TX isn’t useable with ardupilot though, at least on this board, not that it matters to most users.

Great! glad that worked. Best of lucks.