Serial SR4 SR5 param

Would it be possible to have SR4 and SR5 on serial 4 and 5?


I see what you mean - you’d need to make a feature request.
I guess it means you put the serial devices that need those settings into ports Serial1,2 and 3 - and I suppose you know that too :slight_smile:

Yes i know, but i would need 3 ports with those settings and serial 3 that has it is for gps use so i would like not to use it.

  • Telemetry (raspberry)
  • Flir duo pro r
  • Basecam

Note that SRn is only for mavlink, so there is not an exact correspondance with the SERIALn numbers. Are you saying you need more than 3 mavlink enabled serial ports?

I need 3 serials with mavlink srx but serial 3 is for gps. Maybe i should move gps to 4 and use that, but i use rtk on gps and i don’t know if injection will work on serial 4. Apart from that i am not sure if gps1 can be on serial 4, since it is the only gps onboard (it is a ublx f9).

I think you misunderstand me. If you have say:
SERIAL1 = Mav1, SERIAL2 = Mav2, SERIAL3 = GPS, SERIAL4 = Mav1
then SR3 will be for SERIAL4. The SR parameters only apply to serial ports that have mavlink enabled

Ah ok understand, thank you very much!!!

Are you sure about it? Because from wiki it doesn’t seems so. Hope you are correct.

I guess try it and if the wiki is incorrect do a PR.

Ok thank you very much, i am out of office now, will try tomorrow morning and let you know

It worked!! Thank you very much!!

So for future reference for anybody that will run into same doubts as me, sr1,sr2,sr2 are not correlated directly to serial port number but follow the number of mavlink activated no matter at wich serial port.


If you were able to do a PR for the wiki it would be greatly appreciated - wiki PR’s are pretty easy as you can do them directly from the github web interface

If you tell me a bit more about it i’ll surely do it.

Find the place in the wiki you think is wrong. There should be an “edit in github” button top right. Press it - you should be put into an editing view of the page in github. Make your changes, create the PR, done.

Ok, thank you, will do.

Ok, done, hope it is clear enough.