Serial Port (telem or GPS port) not supply power

Hi, I am intalling my mRo x2.1 Rev 2 for first time ( but, I have a lot experience using Pixhawk controllers). Well, when I test it in desk all seemed to work well. But in the final assembly, I realize that Telem (serial1) and GPS (serial3) ports not supply power. I measure by multitester and give me 0.8volt (the CAN port gives me the same result). When Telemetry Rx powered by external BEC the Telem port (serial1) received and transmitted data, so it means that only the power pin doesn’t work. From my first test, in desk, to the issue-time only I updated the Firmware from Arduplane 4.0.7 to 4.0.8 and supply power to the servo rail by external BEC (In order to give power to servos). In some times I connect the USB port when the main battery was supplying power, but that is perfectly normal in Pixhawk controllers. Some one have some idea…thank