Serial Data from Pixhawk

Is it possible to use the telemtry port to collect data from the Pixhawk such as IMU data, altitude, GPS status etc? I would like to be able to send this data over a serial connection to another device (not a telemetry radio) for processing on board the vehicle.

If this is possible, as what frequency is this data sent?

Can this frequency be increased? Perhaps if less parameters are sent?


You can capture all this information reading the mavlink messages on the telemetry ports (1 or 2) at various speeds (baud rate) for serial communication and at different update (Hz) depending on the type of sensor.

Take a look at the “On-Screen Display”system, it is a small circuit board that pulls telemetry data from your APM or Pixhawk flight controller and over-lays it on your First Person View monitor.:

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