Serial 4/5 on Pix 2

Great thanks for quick replies. Looks like I have 2 options.
Will probably update the firmware then, which I’ve not done yet on Pixhawk.

I presume I can re-write my parameter file backup to the new firmware version once installed?

I’m new to pixhawk 2.1 and just got the VTOL programming set up and Intel Edison installed. Im still working on the air frame. But man am I lost on how to set up the Edison and put it to use. I’ve read lots of forums but it’s all lingo I don’t really understand. I’m getting there but very slowly. I would like to setup live video streaming and lidar and a 4G dongle . I have a dragon link with blue tooth for MP and I’m taking a look at FPVblue that I Know hooks up to pixhawk 2.1 for a OSD in HD.