Serial 2 not working in 3.5.5 ArduCopter

Hey all,

I’m trying to communicate via Serial 2 port on a pixhawk using a SAME54 Xplained board using the mavlink protocol. I had it working with an older version of plane (I’m not sure what version exactly) but I could receive and send statustext messages. Now that I updated to 3.5.5 branch the APM is not receiving the mavlink message I am sending. I’ve checked nearly everything with regards to the connection, probed the TX pin to see if data is being sent and confirmed the connector is still good. what I’m seeing is it getting here

GCS_MAVLINK::update(run_cli_fn run_cli, uint32_t max_time_us)
// receive new packets
mavlink_message_t msg;
mavlink_status_t status;
uint32_t tstart_us = AP_HAL::micros();


status.packet_rx_drop_count = 0;

// process received bytes
uint16_t nbytes = comm_get_available(chan);

// if(chan == 1 && nbytes > 0)
// {
// }

for (uint16_t i=0; i<nbytes; i++)
    uint8_t c = comm_receive_ch(chan);


In GCS_MAVlink::update()

when in here the function comm_get_available() never returns anything on channel 1 (which should be the channel for Serial 2).

problem was solved. the actual physical port on my development board was bad.