Separate dataflash download folders for each quad copter

When I download datatflash files from my two quadcopters, they both go into the same folder.

Is there an option that will allow me to set which copter’s downloads go into which folder?

Thank you!

Currently the logs are sorted into folder based on the SYSID parameter of the vehicle. I have a PR to also sort them into folders based on the BRD_SER_NUM parameter, but I don’t know when that will get into a beta build.

Thanks Charlie -

By chance do you mean the SYSID_THISMAV parameter?

If so - seems like changing it might work - as long as I have fewer than 255 copters.

Suggestions or comments from anyone? I hate to just change parameters willy nilly…

Thank you!

Yes. Change that. It makes NO difference as to performance.

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