Sensor RADIOLINK SUI04 + pixhawk 2.4.8 + TF Luna lidar

I’ve made a traditionnal heli on a 450 size.
It fly very well with copter 4.0.3
I decide to add a lidar for altitude and 3 ultrasonic sensors for proximity.
lidar is TF Luna on serial 4
prox sensors are radiolink sui04 on I2C
Some questions about this:
_How to test the 4 sensors?
_How to set the I2C address of the 3 SUI04? (I used the switch to define each one position)
_pre-arm check always tell me “check proximity sensor”

Nice but heavy setup.
Did you check proximity and lidar sensors behavior on the ground ?
I guess you should get and scale readings first.
does the heli fly well without the sensors operativ ?

Sans capteur il vol très bien oui.
Mon lidar TF-Luna semble HS. il ne génère aucun signal sur un arduino…
Pour les SUI04 je ne parviens pas à les configurer.

had to google translate …
do you get reading from the Lidar ?
you need to solve the proximity sensor reading on the bench

I found SUI04 I2C address with arduino I2C scanner.
I wrote them into RNGFNDx_ADD.
green leds are bright.
nothing. No rangefinder on status window.

I have 2 I2C plug panels in serie mouting. Is it the problem?

I suspect It may conflict, If they are on the same address.

Hi, i wanted to integrate SUI04 for my project as well. I got once so far that the sensor was recognized as proximity sensor and its LED was flashing if my hand was moving in its field. Sad thing is i am not able to redo it. As far as i remember correctly i changed just value of PRXx_type and rangefinder. i dont think is changed the address.