Sending Waypoints to Multiple Mavs


I have been working on a project that involves sending waypoints to multiple MAVs (very similar to what is now done through the swarming interface, but instead of swarming they are each running their own mission) through a python script. I have done some experimenting with the swarming before and I have gotten multiple vehicles connected and flying together.I am wondering a few things: 1) what is the best way to connect multiple UAVs? I have found how its done for swarming here, but I want to do it through python not C#. 2) How would I go about sending waypoints to them when they are connected? Any help is much appreciated!

Hiiii this is a rather ole thread but did you get any answers to your questions? From yourself or others :slight_smile:

I am undertaking a similar project and would love to know more about your setup. What copters/sensors/GS/… are you using ?