Sending telemetry and image to ground computer

For a competition, we need to take 4000x3000 images from the drone and send these images to ground computer. The drone will be at least 1 km far away from the computer. We will use a controller(SIYI Mk15) as a jump point to transfer images and also telemetries to computer.
The connection diagram is something like this:

Computer connects to the wifi hotspot of the controller. Computer can connect to the raspberry pi but raspberry pi can’t connect to the computer. I need raspberry pi to see and connect to the server which is served on the IP address of the computer( How can I do that ?(Or is it possible?)

Looks like a subnet problem .43 and .144, can you have them all on the same subnet ?

Okay, I am able to pull images and other files with scp and sftp. They are working fine even if the ssh connection is one side connection. If there are anyone in my situation, you can use scp and sftp.