Sending Single MAVlink command - MAV_CMD_START_RX_PAIR

Is it possible to send a single Mavlink command? Like typing it into a serial line?

I need to send MAV_CMD_START_RX_PAIR(1,0) to my Cube in order to pair/bind a Yuneec SR24 RX with an ST16 TX. As detailed here under “RC Binding”:

RC Binding

To bind RC, you either need to send the bind command with param1 = 1, param2 = 0. Or alternatively, you can flip the H520 upside down. If it is in bind mode, the LEDs will flash yellow.

The SR24 is connected via the SPKT/DSM port; but looking at the MAVlink documentation: [which appears to be down, co here is an archive:]

MAV_CMD_START_RX_PAIR Starts receiver pairing
Mission Param #1 0:Spektrum
Mission Param #2 RC type (see RC_TYPE enum)

…it is written as if the default (and only) value for Param #1 is 0 ==Spektrum.

So I assume mission planner uses Param #1 == 0 for the Spektrum binding process.

Hence why I need to send a single MAVlink command with param #1 == 1 and Param #2 ==0 as shown in the Yuneec documentation: