Sending simple command's to Mission Planner


I am making a communication between a PLC and Mission Planner. I would like to control the drone with the PLC, mission planner will make the bridge between these two.

Is it possible to send simple commando’s to Mission Planner from the PLC. For example with this thing:

I am running Mission Planner 1.3.50 on a Window 10 PC.

I hope somebody can help me.

Hi, I’m not into details, but why not use a PLC-RS232interface and MavLink straight to the Ardupilot?

Maybe someone would need more details to help you.
What PLC
What commands do you want to send


I am using Simatic PCS7 with a AS416.
At first I want to simple control the quad without a remote control. So the PLC gives a output and the quad goes like 5 meter forward left up etc.

What I think when I am using RS232. I can not configure the quad and in need to program a lot more on the PLC.

Use MAVProxy instead of MissionPlanner.
Or even better, use dronekit-python.

I want to eliminate the rc controller to my project. Sounds like you have an idea about this. Do you care to share some details about your research? Thanks