Sending flight info to APM Planner 2.0 Programatically

I wanted to programatically send data to APM Planner 2.0 in Ubuntu 13.1 and correspondingly see my data changes propagate in APM Planner UI. I’ve APM Planner running in eclipse in ubuntu, it’s getting data from a usb port attached antenna (3DR 912Mhz) that talks to my drone. When I tilt the drone, roll, yaw …etc I get that data displayed in APM Planner UI. Now instead of using the drone, I wanted to write a small program that feeds data to the APM Planner.

I’m pretty new, and I don’t know where to start? could you guys give me some pointers? or are there frameworks or a libraries that I can include in my project to kick start it?
I’m good once started, but now i’m kinda overwhelmed with all vocabularies and hardware/software terms … Lost in the jungle.

Thank you in advance,

It sounds like you’re new to programming in general - in which case, a large and complicated program like APM P2 is probably far too much to start with.

If you just don’t understand how to send data, then you need to download the source files and look at the APIs.

try these pages, they may help … n_tutorial