Sending Commands in MAVProxy Via Module

Hi there,

I am working on my own code and can successfully send a command to the UAV via my own module system that reads a protocul buffer file. At the moment i can successfully send a simple RC command using the code self.module('rc').cmd_rc(3, 1800), now i am trying to do the same thing with sending a way point using guided mode, reading through the mode module i found that it should look something like self.module('guided').cmd_guided(-35.999, 149.999 20) however it does not recognize this and i get the error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute cmd_guided. Any idea why, any help would be greatly appreciated. This is where i got the information from in the mode module:

It actually wont register any modules apart from the RCModule using the self.module('modulename') command