Send rc_overrides inside missions

@Michael_Oborne It would be very nice if it was possible to send rc_overrides as a mission command, i would use it to control basecam trough mavlink instead of sending down to the gimbal counless pwm cables.



I’m.not sure what you mean but can you use the servo tab?

During missions i often use pwm channels to instruct my basecam. Now it would be nice if those pwm could be sent as channels overrides, as you do in set_servo with pwm.
Something like “set override ch12 1700” as a mission command

And how do you want to send that overrided channel to your gimbal ?
Why don’t you connect your Basecam gimball controller to MAvlink directly? Last time I checked basecam gimbals spoke Mavlink.

It does speak mavlink and is connected trough it, i would like to send an override ch instead of pwm because it is easier and don’t need extra pwm cables

Om slow today. but why do you want to send pwm if is connected via mavlink and responds to gimbal control messages ?

Anyway, RC_OVERRIDE is a Mavlink message and not a command, it cannot be in the mission plan.

As far as i know the only way to change the script number the gimbal is using is trough a channel, so i can send it only as a set_servo during a mission and i have to send a pwm with an extra cable.

OK,now I’m get it. Unfortunately as I said, RC_OVERRIDE is a mavlink message and not a command, so you cannot add it as a mission element.

Lua scripting on master branch could do this. Based on mission waypoint or whatever you could output a different PWM to the gimbal. If you want to stick to release versions you could do it if you set the servo output function to a scripting control (function 94). Release versions don’t have the mission bindings at this time. I guess a python script on Mission Planner could send an RC_OVERRIDE message too.

i think you could do some of what you want using the servo tab.
how much control do you need? ie 3 points? or every ppm values between 1000-2000 ?

If i use the servo tab the gimbal doesn’t see the movement, all it sees are channels overrides. That is because i want to use mavlink and don’t route new cables down the gimbal.
Five points would be great.