Send Mavlink data to Telem1 and Telem2 simultaneously

Hi everybody. My first message here.
Just for redundancy I would like to send Mavlink data from GCS to both Telem1 and Telem2 ports of Ardupilot using different channels. The two ports receive the same data. Can Ardupilot handle this and choose only one message from the two sources by ignoring duplicate messages?

Because of clouds and bad whether our telemetry radio goes down.

Does my idea make sense?
Is there a something I can do different?
Should I ask this somewhere else?

I know you can do this with two radios and two GCS’s but I’ve never tried with only one GCS in the loop. You could try having two ground radios connected to one GCS but I think you could only connect with one radio at a time that way.

Yes, it can do it. 20character limit

Thanks for the answer, Andre-K.

Can you please give a hint on how it can be done?

you use mavproxy as GCS, or have mavproxy to talk to two radios, then two radios receive connected to the flight controller. ArduPilot/MAVproxy will deduplicate and remove packets in incorrect order (this a a part of the wonderful MAVLink.)

You said you’re going to overcome this by using a different channel? Just using two telemetry radios on different channels will not solve this problem. In fact, the two telemetry radios on the same band with a different channel will probably desense each other making the problem worse.

If you mean a totally different telemetry system, like cellular data, then that’s different and would be a good solution to traditional telemetry radios being out of range or obstructed.

Sure, the second channel is different than the standard telemetry radio.

Maybe I’m repeating the question.

Can you please confirm that if for example if I send the same packet with the same sequence number to both Telem1 and Telem2, Ardupilot will automatically deduplicate redundant data and work as if I send data to Telem1 only?

yes, you are repeating the question, so you expect me to repeat this?:
"ArduPilot/MAVproxy will deduplicate and remove packets in incorrect order "

Thanks for the answer ))

If you just put, for example, two typical 900mhz telemetry radios on the copter, and set them for different channels, you will hurt your performance rather than help it. The two radios have identical performance, so one will not do any better than the other to begin with. And their close proximity will cause them to desense eachother’s receivers. Which will reduce the performance of both of them. If that’s what you’re doing, that is the wrong approach.

If you’re using two different telemetry systems on two different bands (like maybe 900mhz and 433 or 2.4hz), then you can create an improvement.

Do you typically use Mavlink 2 protocol for this?

Yes, I use the Mavlink 2 protocol.