SelfLock props recomendation


I have try severals selflock props, but I alwas get a lot of vibrations after use them. Any one has use some that can recommend to use?

Im using 15" to 20" props


I have a set that work great. Will see if I can find out where I got them. I thought it was at RCtimer…will check.

Here we go.
This is the set I have

thanks!! I will get a couple!

what props are you using with those?

16 inch and another bird with 18 inch.
They worked great for me…but I won’t lie I bought them a few years ago…things could have changed.

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thanks! I will try and let you know if are the same!

good Luck Alberto. I hope they work out for you. For me I loved them so much I use them on two drones.