Self Calibrating Compass

Hi All,

Has anyone been able to use something like the IMU Brick 2.0 in their autopilot system.

See video

It seems very resilient to magnetic interference and very stable.
It would be a great addition to the autopilot system if this hardware is supported.


It’s possible to add support for external IMUs like this but this one is not supported at the moment. By the way, it’s a similar class of sensors to what’s in the Pixhawk. It’s not the exact same sensor but it’s similar. What’s special is the fusion is done on the chip itself. We’ve experimented a few years ago with the built-in fusion that is available with the InvenSense IMUs that are in the pixhawk and they didn’t perform as well as our EKF, they also didn’t allow the flexibility to fuse in data from other sensors.

Anyway, this was a few years ago and it’s not too hard to imagine a time when the hardware manufacturers will build IMUs that can do all the sensor fusion for us.