Selecting Multiple Aircraft and changing Flight Planner layout

I’ve been working with Mission Planner for some time, and have only recently gotten back into QGroundControl. The layout is different, but I see the software has all the same functionality as Mission Planner, with a few notable issues I wanted some help resolving.

  • In both Mission Planner and QGroundControl, I can establish TCP sockets for multiple aircraft. In Mission Planner, I can switch between aircraft by selecting the appropriate TCP socket from the drop down menu on the upper right. In my initial probing, I can’t find a similar system in QGroundControl. Can anyone educate me on how QGroundControl handles these connections, and how I can switch between aircraft?

  • The artificial horizon and quick reference parameters on the flight screen have font that’s a little small for my liking, especially on smaller screens I would bring to the field. How can I change the size of these windows to better see the contents?

If you are connected to multiple aircraft (vehicle ids must be unique) there will be a dropdown in the toolbar which allows you to pick the active vehicle.