Seems to be a Bug

Hi guys, I´m running the latest up to date MP version with APM 2.7.2 (from HK) with APMPLANE 3.4.0 firmware via data radio. Everything seems to be fine, except for radio calibration (in may case) roll reverse checkbox. Setting Manual Mode The Tx and roll servos ar ok, as expected, but in FBWA roll actuates reversed.
In Radio Calibration then check the box REVERSED and apear the checkmark inside the checkbox but nothing hapenned in the plane, just seems to be ok reverted in the screen. Did it several times with the same result. Mark or unmark the checked box does the same effect.
Since the Radio Calibration have no Write Parameters button, I assume that if you make a channel reversion is automatically done and updated, like PID´s screen. Taking it in account this I´d made the radio calibration complete (min and max ) just to assure the writing of the params. Same result.
After that went to full parameter tree, then to RC2_REV (my roll channel) parameter and changed it to -1 manually, wrote the parameters with the Write params button to APM and then it worked fine.