Seeking to hire participants in a user study

Hello everyone,

I am a PhD student at Purdue University.
We are seeking participants who are 18 years of age and older to participate in the study. Further, the participants must have experience with drone software (e.g., ArduPilot). Participants will be asked to (i) write down five formulas after reading each description of the drone’s expected behaviors and (ii) fix five bugs in ArduPilot after reading how to trigger bugs and what are expected behaviors of patched software.

The experiment will take about 2.5 hours. We will give each participant a $40 Amazon gift card if the participant completes this user study.

Please get in touch with me,, for more information.

Thank you!


I wanted to thank you for this opportunity again!

I just took the study, it was easy to conduct, and the questions were really interesting. I recommend this to anyone who wants to earn some quick money with a nice user study!

We are still recruiting participants.
Your participation will contribute to the research community!
Please consider participating in the user study.

We will wrap up this user study next week.
Please consider participating in the user study.

Yes i am interested. I would like to share the experience of ardupilot and the hardware that i had used.

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Is still possible to join?

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Thanks all participants!
This user study is closed.

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Thank you for a very interesting study! I found it rather rewarding to dive into the source code and change specific behaviors. Might I suggest sharing your bugfix cases publicly on the forum as an exercise for those interested in learning and exploring the build environment and code base?

@Yuri_Rage Thanks for the suggestion!
Yes, I will share the bug cases after submitting my paper :slight_smile: