Seeking Lead Drone Developer for well funded startup

We are a well funded dynamic startup based in South Florida and New Jersey, that will solve significant safety/security problems using autonomous drones. Our culture is one of solving complex problems in a fast dynamic work environment where radical thinking is welcomed.
We are hiring a Lead Software Engineer and multiple Technical Software Engineers. The Lead Software Engineers and Technical Software Engineers will build the platform that will power our command and control interfaces and build integrations with machine learning platforms. These are ground-floor software development roles for a company ready to save lives and make residential and commercial buildings more secure and safe. Ideally the Lead Software Engineer will reside in the US but we welcome anyone to apply regardless of the country.

To be successful in this position, the Lead Software Engineers and Technical Software Engineers must produce the following software systems:

  • Create the software platform for the company’s autonomous flight system. Build with the mindset of safety, reliability, and certifiability. Experience with autopilot software used in Unmanned vehicles (aerial or ground) or control software in consumer & commercial drones is ideal.

-Develop command and control systems that autonomously manage threat detection, location awareness and communication across multiple vehicles… Integrate feed from multiple sensors and wireless communication as part of flight intelligence.

  • Create software for drone management, establishing flight perimeters, task scheduling. Such systems will include GUI and app development.
    The ideal candidate will have the following education, work history, knowledge and skills.

Education: Bachelors’ Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems required. May substitute equivalent experience in lieu of education.

Experience: Prior coding experience in an aerospace or defense environment is ideal. The ideal candidate will have worked on vehicles or systems supporting Unmanned vehicles (aerial or ground) or control software in commercial drones. For the Lead Software Engineers, prior management experience and experience writing code in at least one of the following areas is required: autopilot systems, ground control systems or GUI and app development experience. The Lead Software Engineers should be able to collaborate together, devise and visualize how all software (autopilot, ground control, and GUI and mobile app) will work together.

Knowledge and skills:
Expertise in one or more programming languages, including Java, C++, C#, etc.
Understanding of FAA certification, including design of software under DO-178 is highly desirable.
Any experience with any combination of the following are highly desirable: Unmanned Vehicles (aerial or ground), Algorithms for Autopilot, Model-Based Design and/or Test, Command & Control, Sense & Avoid, TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems), Autonomous Traffic Control Systems, Ground Control Stations, Flight Controls or Cockpit Avionics Systems, Machine Learning, Mission Sequencing/Systems, Payload Control, Redundancy, Uplink/Downlink Packet Software Encoding/Decoding, GNC (Guidance, Navigation & Control), Model-based Design and/or test, Inertial Sensors, Swarming, Safety Critical & Real Time Platforms, Multi-Vehicle Netw