Seeking info for Sky viper fury

Hello, I recently purchased a sky viper fury, in the manual for the fury, it mentions the ability to change flight mode parameters in the sky viper 2.0 viewer.

But the app does not connect to the drone due to the fact, that the fury doesn’t have wifi, or gps.

So my question is, how does one change the flight parameters and modes for the fury?

That is probably an error in the manual. I believe with the fury, you’re unable to modify any parameters without disassembling the drone and connecting up to the debug ports.

How does one go About connecting to the debug pad? If my understanding is correct, it also calls for a sonix board?

The main reason I started this thread is because I am at wits end with my journey, was gifted a fury while my journey was grounded and have had issue after issue ever since my major wipe out playing around in acro…

My end goal, is to use the fury board, the journey sonix board and possibly the journey frame.

I see a lot of people talking about compiling builds or making deeper program adjustments to flash firmware and other things like that.

How do I go about achieving this??

Has anyone else done anything along these lines?

Is it possible to make the journeys TX work with the fury RX after I manage to connect the sonix board to the fury?

What would be some does and donts with this potential build I am setting off on?

@lordneeko @Matt_M

Does anyone have any suggestions? Pointers? Info?? Anything??

141 views and not a single person can offer some kind of assistance??? I thought the whole reason for this your of website was to try new things, learn, explore, and help one and other as a community for the love of the hobby.

It’s pretty crappy honestly…

I really doubt many on this forum have purchased or are even interested in the Fury. You have the parts. Maybe if you posted a picture of the flight control board others could make some guesses if/how it could be programmed or if/how it could be used in the Journey.

It doesn’t really answer your question, but if you’re just looking for parts to fix your Journey, I would watch Ebay. I purchased a Journey there for $35 that was listed as used, but turns out it was just like brand new. You don’t know for sure what you’re getting, but IMO it would be much less hassle than trying to make a Frankenstein out Fury parts.