Securing Speaker?

Is there a good way or place to secure the speaker? It’s come loose from a hard landing or two probably, and now it is just bouncing around the top / Pixhawk compartment. :blush:

Double sided tape seems to work just fine. 3M makes several acrylic and polyethylene ones. Another option would be Velcro which is a bit bulkier but does the job.

I taped mine down right behind the Pixhaw. One less cable to deal with when removing the cover to get he SD card. We really shouldn’t have to do that:)

That’s a good idea, I’ll suggest it for next revision or the iris and see what they say.

OK I was thinking of securing mine there too. I was initially against using 3M tape as usually the heat makes it separate (and I’m in TX and it’s about Summertime!!) but I know 3M makes some commercial-strength stuff, so I will try to find a piece of that.

If you update to firmware 3.2 you have to remove the sd card anymore.

If you update to firmware 3.2 you have to remove the sd card anymore.[/quote]

Currently the only reason to remove sd card is to download dataflash logs off the pixhawk and it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the 3.2 release will support the downloading of logs through mavlink. Reffer to this post for more details viewtopic.php?f=80&t=6614