'secondary' shopping list for diy drone pixhawk-based


i am going to build an agriculture hexacopter with pixhawk flight controller .

The payload should be about 6kg

I already bought the skydroid t10 as transmitter/receiver, and 6 motors EA55 KV320 that have max current absortion 53A and maximum power 1300 watt…

Now i am going to buy the other components, that should be:

  • the flight controller pixhawk with gps

  • the battery

  • a power distribution board (mandatory?)

  • the ESCs (60A ESCs with firmware BHeli should be enough?)

  • a lipo battery charger (which kind of charger does support a 25/35C 12000mah battery)

  • what other things do i need? perhaps some wires to be used to connect the power distribution to the pixhawk?

iI would like to buy from aliexpress all what i need to build the drone (except the frame , that in my case is DIY too, and the motors that i already have),

to pay the shipment only one time.

Someone can help me to fill the list ?

Let me know, thank you!