Secondary joystick for gimbal

is there any chance that the mission planner could be extended to allow for two joysticks?

I would like to use one to fly and the other to control the camera gimbal.

As I see it, mission planner is written in c-sharp for windows. I can run it on linux with mono and it works except for the joystick which seems to rely on directX which I dont know how to get working on linux. That is a little frustrating for me.

Anyways, I would be willing to help program this new feature, the only thing is that I only have C/C++ programming experience and I usually work on linux. I do have a windows 7. Is it possible to compile it there, or do I need a compiler that I have to buy? Is there an open source compiler for c-sharp?
Is there a way to compile and develop c-sharp on linux?

I thought mission planner also runs on tablets, is there a way to run it on an android tablet? I would suspect that c-sharp is a problem there too. Why was c-sharp used in the first place and not something that works on all platforms?

Okay, so there is a c# compiler for linux, I have to see if there is joystick support.

If you want to use an Android tablet, have a look at Droidplanner or Andropilot.

I might use anrdoid one day, but right now I want to use missionplanner on linux with two joysticks.

But thanks for the android info.

For Linux, have a look at QGroundControl.

Any joy with this? I am after the same for MP on windows.

I didnt try QGroundControl, if that is what you want to know.

Mission Planner is a Windows software.

I have the same interest :bulb: , to operate a flight team of two, with one person as flight controller of (for example) rcoverride channels 1 through 5, and 8, and the second person as observation/camera controller of rcoverride channels 6 and 7 for camera gimbal control.

I can configure this combination in a Logitech F310 (it has dual joysticks) but would like to break that out into two separate F310s (or other PC game controllers) so I don’t have to physically Frankenstein hack my primary F310 “joystick number two” cable and extend it into to a second F310 tethered to it. Having two distinctly unique USB game controller interfaces in MP for distributed joystick functions would be the objective.

hi, can you solve your problem? I had this too.I run mission planner on linux and it recognize joystick in joystick setup page and I can enable joystick, but in radio calibration windows by moving stick, green bar does not work.