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Second time auto Fail APM 2.8

Hello, i am new to RC. I am working with Wing Wing Z-84 (

I’ve tried with Manual and FBW A mode, the flight goes smooth, nothing goes wrong. There goes our first attempt on AUTO mode with simple circuit waypoint (shape of 0). At first, we hand launch the plane and goes with FBW A, after a minute of flying we engage the AUTO mode by RC. The AUTO was success and after the last waypoint, we takeover the plane and land it.

The second flight, we try to AUTO again but the plane suddenly drop the altitude and we had to takeover with FBW A. Sadly, the plane was crashed. We tried two more times for the AUTO, none was a success.

I wonder if there are some parameter that we should care before engage AUTO mode. Such as, minimum Ground Speed or Air Speed, Altitude, or anything. And if there are, is there any way for us to set it up? (which parameter)
I already search the whole parameter list and didn’t find the parameter.

I attached some logs of our flight.
Success.tlog (998.1 KB)
Fail.tlog (307.4 KB)

I wonder if someone could help me with this .__.

Looking at the ‘Fail’ log, you engage ‘Auto’ mode but in less than a second it switches back to ‘FBWA’ mode, ‘up’(?) elevator is applied, airspeed falls drastically it it stalls. Did you switch mode back out of auto by mistake?

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