Second gps on uart4, ESC on uart5

I’m trying to use a second GPS (identical to first- BN880) on uart4, and ESC telemetry on uart5. I’ve read the section on GPS blending (aka second gps) and set the parameters they said, and looked at the lone picture of the single telemetry lead from the 41 amp esc (same one I’m using, it happens) to somewhere on the uart5 side, (not much help) but not sure about the pinouts and how the single six pin connector should be wired to allow both.
Anyone successfully done this?

Yes, but for what hardware (flight controller)?

Sorry Nathan- plain vanilla pixhawk one. I have a single 6-pin plug in the uart4/uart5 connector, thinking that I can split the power and/or ground if I need to. Don’t know.

That pinout should solve your problem.

Don’t know how I missed that- thanks very much.