Searching help - first Drone!


I’m a newbie in the Drone world and have a lot of questions!
After read some articles I got a general ideia for parts to use in my first drone. My goal is GPS autopilot and recording images. I don’t want to buy one, I want the experience to build one myself.
So I’m making a list of parts and I really need the opinion of you guys!!

Flip 32 Omnibus F4 PRO (need the barometer for GPS stuff right?)
PDB + BEC Matek XT-60 (the Omnibus already has built-in BEC, do I really need BEC in PDB? kinda liked this board)
GPS UBLOX NEO M8N w/ Magnetometer
Flysky fs-i6 + ia6b
Mushroom Antenna RX e TX type L SMA
TS5828L RP-SMA 600mw 40CH + 2.8mm 1000TVL
Nylon m3 spacers
IMAX B6 MINI Charging and balancer
Kylin Vision FPV Goggles
F450 frame
4x f450 landing
4x ESC BLHeli_S 30A (want to fly in Multishot mode)
4x Motor 2212 920kv
1045 2 blades propelers
Battery 3S 11.1v 4200mha 35c-70c

And my questions:
1 - those ESC require additional hardware?
2 - this battery have more C than I need?
3 - I heard about something like an inverted signal from the controller (different from the i6)… do I need to worrie about that?
4 - does anyone recommend a gimbal or structure to support a gopro?

If I’m screwing something here, please let me know!
Thank you guys so much!

this is a forum for arducopter you might want to look here for your flight controller