Search different skin for Mission planner

Hi we search different SKIN LOOK for mission planner.

any council?


Hey, I think the easiest way to do this is to go in config/planner and play with the Theme section. If you go in your MissionPlanner folder you’ll find a document entitled BurntKermit.mpsystheme, you can create a copy of this document and modify this one by selecting it in the drop down menu and then modify it using “custom”.
Have fun

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Color scheme, yes, see above.
Skin, like changed controls, layout, etc. None. It requires programming, most companies paid programmers to make their.

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Hi Andras, yes i see your but i search a ready solutions

I don’t know about any free one.
Some shady Chinese companies modified MP and sold it as their own, but I’m having trust issues with them.

possible simply move left side maps and all right side EFI ?