Seagull #REC2 won't trigger photo shutter on Sony RX0ii for still photos using "camera shutter"

Following the instructions in the Seagull manual for configuring ArduPilot to work with the Seagull #REC2, I was successful using the ArduPilot “camera trigger” to trigger video recording - but not for shutter release for still photos.

Of course to do survey/mapping missions, I need to be able to allow ArduPilot to trigger the still photo shutter.

The problem seems to stem from the Sony RX0ii requirement to focus before shutter release.

When I control the channel for shutter with a “slider” or a three position switch, I can activate the photo shutter - because if first goes to PWM of about 1500 which activates the camera focus - then by advancing the slider or going to the third position of an AUX switch - I can then command PWM of about 1800 - which then releases the shutter.

The Sony RX0ii has some limitations compared to more advanced cameras such as the Sony RX100 - but I believe the shutter trigger functions the same.

I’ve asked Seagull tech support for configuration advice - and if they offer a solution I’ll post it here for future reference for others.

In the meantime - if someone has some suggestions - I’d very much welcome the advice and suggestions.

Thank you!

I got an overnight response from Seagull tech support - and resolved the issue.

The Seagull REC2 “focus” parameter needed to be set higher. The default was 20 milliseconds. I needed about 750 milliseconds to reliably activate the shutter.

The Sony RX0ii won’t do a shutter release until after it completes the focus - and it can take different amounts of time to complete the focus depending on the subject. I’ve set the focus to 1000 millisecond for now - a conservative value that should avoid missing a photo.

Did changing to1000 ms work?

Yes. That’s my current setting.