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SDP3x Not Working (Cross Posted Here)

(Chad Frazer) #1

Need some help to figure this one out:

Pixhawk 2.1 Cube (Black)
Firmware 3.9.10
MP version 1.3.68
Nimbus 1800 VTOL airframe
Using an I2C expansion board
Using Here GPS
Using Motor/ESC combos that Foxtech uses (version 2 setup)
Mauch PL series current sensor with Mauch BEC (which is also giving me problems)
Power supply is a 6S 8000maH 10C
It’s not fully configured and it has never hovered or flown yet
GPS, Radio, Magnetometer and Accelerometers are calibrated and work fine until I try to use this sensor

Full Parameter File Here: Nimbus VTOL V1.param (17.0 KB)

Problem: I have an SPD3x airspeed sensor that will not work (will not report any airspeed changes)
What I’ve diagnosed so far:

  1. I used a multi-meter to confirm pin outs on both nose and body and those appear to be lining up correctly as follows: Nose side - + D1 D2 match body side - + D1 D2 and the pin outs of the SPD3x are - is Positive Volts, + is SCL, D1 is SDA and D2 is Ground.

Color scheme is as follows:

  1. If I use a regular JST-GH connector (like the one that comes with the SPD3x and plug the SPD3x directly into the I2C port on the PH2.1 (and thus removing any possibility that it is a body to nose cable problem) IT DISABLES the GPS! By disable I mean it looks like it is browning out the whole HERE GPS unit and no GPS gets to Mission Planner. Again, this is by doing a direct connect with a normal connector shown below that I bought a 10 pack of back in the day:

  1. Due to the airframe design I am unable to have the SPD3x connected during bootup and I do not know if that is a problem or not.

  2. In case it matters I hooked up the ESCs and servos according to this and I have not proven if it is correct yet as I want everything else to be working first:

It is configured as shown below:


And shows this on the HUD:

I have used this sensor before on a previous VTOL build and after changing the ARSPD Bus variable to 0 it worked perfectly. A comparison of the parameters between that working airframe and this one reveals no help.

Here she is so far:

I’m stumped!!