SD Card problem


I have received the pixhawk 2.1, but no micro sd card (msdc).
I have a spare 8GB msdc, so this is not a problem.
So, do I simply put a blank/formatted msdc into the slot?
Also what format should I use? NTFS, FAT32?
Or do I copy an image onto the msdc?


You want a blank micro SD Card. If it’s not already, format it as FAT.

Hi @hunt0r
Thanks for the info.

Just looking for the slot now? Where is it?

@Droider I don’t understand your question. Are you asking “Where is the SD Card slot on a PixHawk 2?”

FAT is only good up to 2GB cards.

@hunt0r I was having a ‘Blond’ moment! thanks for the query!

I will be using a 8GB card, so I guess only 2GB of it will be available to be used.

Hrmm, I think my cards are more than 2GB. Maybe VFAT or FAT32 would work too? I guess the easiest thing is to try it and see.

I use FAT32 all the time- works fine

I think FAT32 works in the pixhawk. I’ve been plauged with a bad logging problem for months. Someone suggested FAT formatting might help.